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2017 High School Skills Camp

Skill Sessions will involve intermixing the teams and participating in position specific drills to improve performance. Coaches will be asked to help run drills, and will be responsible to help in the individual development of the players.

We will then progress to team specific drills where I will demonstrate, but the head coach will run the drill for their own team. Myself and my girls will be around to offer help.

The scrimmage drills session will involve team vs. team drills that are more game specific, and could include wash drills, control drills, or even small sided competition. All are aimed at making the real game easier and more understood.

The final day, we will set up a round robin tourney in which everyone will ideally play everyone in a 2 set game, first to 25, cap at 27. All campers will receive a t-shirt.

July 28th - 30th
Team Entry: $200 per Team
Contact Coach Havlicheck For Registration At or (906)-487-7391

Location: Houghton High School

Additional Information: NO CAP on participants. However you want it to be a number you can handle while running drills. I would recommend no more than 12-15.

Camp Dorm / Food Package - $50 per Person ($65 Value)
→ Dorm Room for Friday & Saturday Night
→ Dinner Friday
→ Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Saturday
→ Breakfast Sunday

July 28th  
→ Teams check in at 2pm
→ First skills session 4-6pm

July 29th
→ Second Skills Session 9-11am
→ Third Skills Session 1-3pm
→ Scrimmage Drills Session 5-7pm

July 30th
→ Round Robin tourney 9am-2pm (estimated)
    ⇒ Everyone will get multiple games
    ⇒ 2 sets to 25, cap at 27